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How to Workout Outdoors

Updated: Apr 16

An outdoor workout is ideal for jumping out of your daily routine and spending some time in the sun. Outdoor activities can improve your exercise performance and improve your overall mood as well. Research has shown that spending more time outside can make you stronger physically and mentally, giving you muscles and a clear mind.

Switching to an outdoor workout from time to time can be a significant variation in your existing training plan. Break the routine! Some of the exercises you do inside can be done outside, so why not try it out? Most weight exercises are multi-joint movements and, therefore, super effective. Exercising with your own weight will significantly improve your coordination, balance, and mobility.

5 Outdoor Workouts We Suggest Trying


Running outside will increase your energy, help you burn calories, and improve your balance and mobility. If running seems a little hard-core right now, start with a light walk and work your way up.

1. Start by walking for a minute or two to warm up

2. Increase your speed to a light jog for three minutes

3. Jog for another three minutes, but this time increase your speed to a run

4. Walk for a minute to cool down

5. Repeat the workout as many times as you'd like

Benefits of running:

- Burns calories

- Improves cardiovascular health

- Reduces stress levels

Emotional benefits:

- Boosts energy levels

- Releases endorphins, making you feel happy

Here are just a few more benefits of running:

  • Boosts your immunity

  • Increases lung capacity

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Enhances sleep quality


It's time to take the bike out of the garage to ride through the park. Cycling is an excellent form of cardio. Studies show that cycling can cut the risk of heart disease. Riding a bike is healthy, fun, and a low-impact form of exercise.

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