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About Us


We have embarked on this adventure to spread the message of living always optimistic, being adventurous, enjoying every day to the fullest and being a wonderful human.

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Being Always Optimistic

This belongs to you and however, you need it to be in this moment in your life.  For us, this means to live a wonderful, positive active life filled with love, laughter, lots of adventures big and small, family & friends, nature and kindness.  Imagine:


  • Being invigorated by scaling a forested mountain top with the fresh smell of pines or feeling the peace of walking down a quiet, sun-lit path

  • Surfing at that amazing moment as the sun sets over the ocean.  Green flash incoming!

  • Laughing until you are snorting and then laughing even harder

  • The butterflies in your stomach as you are boarding a flight for your next adventure

  • That feeling of knowing that whatever kindness you show others, uplifting others, really does make a difference in the world


Yeah, that feeling!


When you live an optimistic life, amazing things
happen.  You are stronger and can handle the ups and
downs as life comes your way.

People are drawn to positivity. 
In putting out an optimistic message, you improve
not only how you are feeling, but also inspire those 
around you, improving your interactions with them.
The world needs more adventurous, optimistic,
fun people – Be one of them!




During a routine visit to the local grocery store, there was a young man and his dog sitting outside when we approached them.  We talked to him for a little while, asking how he was doing, where he was living, and if he needed anything.  He replied that they currently reside at a retail space where some kind people allowed them to shelter.  The young man shared that he considered themselves “houseless” rather than homeless because home is where your heart is.  He then said, “  you have to be Always Optimistic”.  Truer words were never spoken and we were touched by his words.


His attitude was contagious.  He became our inspiration and namesake and that is why we believe that anyone can choose to have an optimistic attitude.      

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Always Optimistic gladly donates a portion of our net profits to Rancho Coastal Humane Society ( and Urban Street Angels (


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